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An earthmark is not something you were born with. It is something that you’ve earned. You’ve walked the road. You’ve sprinted, danced, crawled, jogged, strutted, wandered and stumbled it. You’ve done your time. You’ve played the game. You’ve fallen. You’ve triumphed. You’ve faced fear. You’ve listened. You’ve made choices. And mistakes. You’ve missed the bus. You’ve seized the day. You’ve loved. Perhaps lost. You’ve laughed and wept. You’ve touched, smelled, tasted, heard and seen. Whatever your story, you can say: “I have lived.”


When we are born we often arrive with birthmarks - coloured or raised areas of skin that either fade with time or accompany us on our journey through life. As a child I thought these were magical - we each had one somewhere and they were mystical connections to our past, present and future. But what abut your earthmark? What symbols, places and experiences connect you to the Earth?


Earthmark was founded in 2010. Back then it was a bespoke tattoo studio! Over the years the venture has grown and changed along with me - from designing tattoos that marked memories, moments and milestones, to creating portraits, memento mori, and symbolist artworks that anchored, celebrated and empowered my loved ones and clients. 


Now I invite you to co-create with me by reconnecting to nature, and from there cultivating experiences that foster joy, creativity, relationship and healing.

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A selfie of Janéne taken in Switzerland in spring. She's wearing a flower crown and a green dress.


How wonderful would it be - as in Ancient Times - for Nature to be revered and respected by Humans; elevated once more to Divine; no longer commodified?


As a Forest Therapy Guide I hope to see participants taking pause in Nature, finding authentic connection to their own bodies, and to the More Than Human World beyond. I hold a vision where - as more people find the time and space to reconnect in this way - reciprocal relationships between humans and Nature multiply and strengthen. This will open doors to healing - not only for Humans, but also for the Earth and all she embodies, supports and sustains.


  • ANFT Forest Therapy Guide

  • UJ/CDP Art Teacher

  • PNC Eco Art Therapy (in progress)

  • AIM Adventure U Wilderness First Aid (Basic)

  • Alternative Therapies including Usui Reiki Master, Crystal Links and Colour Therapy


  • Fine Arts - Drawing and Sculpture (cum laude) - Johannesburg Art Foundation

  • Berlin Art Institute | Floral Time: How Artists Describe Plants (short certificate course)

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