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Book a Nature Therapy Walk!


Suggested time slots are  9 - 12 or 2 - 5 on a weekday or over the weekend. These are subject to availability.


Should you be interested in pre-booking a specific date and time please contact Janéne via email or WhatsApp before purchasing the voucher so that she can confirm that she has that gap available.

Nature Therapy Walk

  • A Nature/Forest Therapy Walk is not a fitness hike, not a naturalist-led point-and-name tour, and not psychotherapy in a natural setting. It’s as simple as walking in a natural environment and consciously connecting with what’s around you.

    Over 2 to 3 hours you'll be guided through a series of invitations that aim to awaken your senses, encourage you to take in Nature at a gentle speed, and enliven a more conscious connection with the inherent healing properties of the More Than Human World.

    Nature/Forest Therapy Walks have been scientifically proven to boost immunity, lower stress, and help your brain to work better. Over and above these physiological benefits, this practice also helps us to cultivate our connection to the Earth and her inhabitants.

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