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When our daughter was little we were adamant we would expose her to good music. Run of the mill nursery rhymes and lullabies were balanced with world music and fringe indie parents making music for their on kids. Suzie Shelton's "Going on a Road Trip" was a classic at the start of every holiday. But my personal favourite was an obscure album by Kimya Dawson called "Alphabutt"! An album highlight (let's not kid - all the songs are fabulous) is "We're All Animals". Which brings us here. 

Animals - from our beloved pets to chance wild encounters - are great teachers. They bring us triggers and glimmers. They remind us of the parts of ourselves we celebrate, as well as those we hide.  


Depicting animals in my work goes beyond memories and resonance. Animals allow me to explore edges, remedies and messages that push the boundaries of my comfort zone. And perhaps yours too.

Peregrine Falcon Drawing Chalk Charcoal

This series of artworks was started in 2023. Birds and the messages they bring are a constant theme in my life.


These mixed-media drawings on reclaimed paper are ±A0 in size. Some are still available for sale.

Gemsbok Drawing Ballpoint Pen

Late in 2023 I started a drawing-a-day sketchbook. These drawings will ultimately be translate into card decks, the first of which will be ready for sale in March/April 2024.


The Animal Kingdom drawings from my sketchbook can be perused HERE.

Self portrait coloured pencil on paper drawing

People are animals, too.

This is a little lockdown series of drawings of friends, family and neighbours.

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