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My understanding of Anthroposophy is at best cursory, despite our daughter's fine Waldorf education. Rudolph Steiner's structure of the world has nonetheless inspired me to categorise my work into the first three Elemental Kingdoms - Mineral, Plant and Animal. 


The fourth Kingdom according to Steiner is that of humans.


Though humans are animals (and I've included portraiture there) the way we touch the Earth stretches outside our biology. We make things. Good things. And bad things. Beautiful and ugly things. Things that last. And things that decay. Things that pollute. Things that serve a purpose.

I'm an ardent fan of Tinkerbelle and her attraction to lost things; her delight in elevating and celebrating forgotten treasure.

Lost things have a place in my life and work too. Included here are some lost things stories, and lost things refound in my sketchbook.

Late in 2023 I started a drawing-a-day sketchbook. These drawings will ultimately be translate into card decks - I hope to have the first one ready for sale in March/April 2024.


The Lost Things drawings from my sketchbook can be perused HERE.

Matryoshka Doll ballpoint pen drawing


In 2019 I committed to only buying previously-owned clothing. I still source 90% of my wardrobe this way. It's good for the planet (and my wallet). 

I also love discovering homeware from yesteryear in thrift stores - giving these items new purpose and value in my studio and our home.

Coloured pencil drawing of a vintage Gucci scarf


Sea-glass. Ceramic shards. Rusty washers and wire. Outdated encyclopaedias. Sometimes these things find me. I wonder what stories they have to tell.

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