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It seems like 2023 was a rough one for many. Listening to the stories during the closing quarter of the year it seems like many were truly pushed to whittle their experience of life down to what really matters; what purpose remains when everything else has faded.

This was very true for me in terms of the 2023 chapter. I committed early in the year to looking deeply at what was no longer serving me. In the second half of the year this translated into facing the demons in control of recurring self-sabotage and "artist's block" head on. I'm deeply grateful to Anya Mendel and the women I sat in circle with at Asherah's Within Life groups for holding me during this process. 

A tangible that emerged in November was a daily sketchbook practice. Though initially not intended for sharing, a rhythm emerged during December, and the little sketches are gently morphing into something I'm happy to release into the world. They are evolving into a card deck, the first edition of which will be on sale in March/April 2024. You can place your order HERE


Here I share the drawings of lost and found things from my sketchbook (the mineral, plant and animal drawings can be found in those subsections of this site).


Matryoshka Doll ballpoint pen drawing
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