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How wonderful would it be - as in Ancient Times - for Nature to be revered and respected by Humans; elevated once more to Divine?

My work in the world is to reconnect Humans and Nature so that bi-lateral healing can take place. 


This understanding led me to become an accredited ANFT Forest Therapy Guide in 2021, and to do a number of Ecopsychology and Eco-Art therapy courses through Project NatureConnect. In tandem with deepening my own nature-connection rhythm, I’ve benefited greatly from reading books by the likes of David Abram, Sandra Ingerman, Richard Louv and Florence Williams.


I’ve never been an avid gardener, and only have a feint glimmer of green on my thumb. My connection to the Plant Kingdom is wilder, and I continue to seek out this connection in wild and magical places. Here - despite being a visual artist - I employ my full sensory arsenal and take this experience back to my studio.

Acacia Cyanotype

As part of my nature-connection process, I have been making cyanotypes. To date I have worked with 20 indigenous South African trees.

All 20 prints can be browsed HERE.

Fairy Iris ballpoint pen drawing

Late in 2023 I started a drawing-a-day sketchbook. These drawings will ultimately be translate into card decks, the first of which will be ready for sale in March/April 2024.


The Plant Kingdom drawings from my sketchbook can be perused HERE.

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