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This ballpoint pen and acrylic ink sketch features a Cape Batis (BATIS CAPENSIS) and measures 11,5cm x 20,2cm. It was created in 2023. It will be delivered to you in an A4 double-glass natural red oak, brown kiaat, blackwood or rosewood frame from Echt Artisans. Each drawing was stamp-dated (the day it was started), and is signed on the reverse side.

Cape Batis

R3 750,00Price
  • The pages of this sketchbook - a 1964 edition of Pear's 'Cyclopedia - were filled back-to-back (with one drawing essentially spanning two pages). Only the right-hand page was used for the card deck - the left-hand page generally had lower detail.

    You are investing in the right-hand page only, because the left-hand page features another drawing on the other side.

    Though not planned this way, I love that every drawing is connected to the others. This sense of interconnectedness is something close to my heart, and at the centre of all my work.

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