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A Southern African
Nature Sketchbook Oracle Deck

Pre-orders for Chapter 1 ARE LIVE! 

(now with local and international delivery options)

Late in 2023 I fell into a rhythm of drawing for the sake of drawing on a daily basis. A sketchbook centred around the exploration of local fauna, flora and minerals developed. This card deck is the result.


The More Than Human World is a powerful teacher, irrespective of whether you walk a spiritual or creative path, or a purely scientific one.


For every chapter of the Southern African Nature Sketchbook Oracle Deck, I have reflected on each being’s characteristics - whether behavioural or physical and have translated them into messages and affirmations that can be used as remedies and elixirs as you travel along your path. 

This deck of 26 cards is the first of three 2024 chapters. The second chapter will launch in August 2024. The third chapter will launch in November 2024 and will come with an option to add a hard case to hold all 78 cards.

I hope that these cards bring you connection, healing, and joy, that they take you outside when you’re not physically able to do so, and that they invite you to be in Nature when you are.

Card Deck with booklet and box

The 26 cards are printed on 280gsm paper. They measure 126mm X 74mm and have rounded corners. The 40-page booklet is printed on 100gsm paper in black and white, and is stapled. The cards and booklet are housed in a flip-top 330gsm paper box.

Lead time can be up to14 days depending on stock availability. If you're in a rush please let me know at check out so that I can try to accommodate your timeline.

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